Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Leaping into the Darkness (with my eyes closed ...

...but with a smile on my face)... I made it! That wasn't hard, and I must admit I'm feeling a bit giddy inside. The POSSIBILITIES of a long-dreamed-of, (literally) Spirit-prodded, cozy little private residence in the blogosphere are thrilling to me. Though I may be talking to only one reader (my devoted daughter), I welcome you here and hope you will find something happy or inspiring that you can use in your own life. And I hope you will share your insights with me, so we can have a delightful, bloggy friendship. So come on in: I've got something to share.

Do you have days where you feel off-center, off-course, and out-of-sorts? I do, and I have come to learn over the years that that usually means I'm forgetting to do the important daily things that make me happy and peaceful, and feeling fully engaged in life.

On the first page of my 2010 journal, I listed these non-negotiables as my "dailies", and I turn back to this page often. Some you may agree with, others may seem silly, but nevertheless, these are the things that I try to incorporate into my daily living. I hardly ever do all in one day, but if I'm doing most on most days, life seems a move along quite nicely, even when the big bumps in the road inevitably come.

Here they are, my "dailies", in no particular order:

1. Write and send a hand-written note
2. Listen to classical music, turned up a little too loud
3. Eat a salad of fresh greens, and berries in some form
4. Not just read, but SEARCH the scriptures
5. Take a brisk walk with Harry-Doodle (you will meet him soon)
6. Read from a good book
7. Pray first thing in the morning
8. Make the bed and leave the bathroom clean before going downstairs
9. Listen for and act on promptings of the Holy Ghost
10. Sweep front and back porches (Thanks, Mom)
11. Have a good conversation with a family member AND a friend (really LISTEN)
12. Drink lots of water
13. Wash and put away all dishes after every meal
14. Put on a pretty apron while tidying the house (I know this sounds very "June Cleaver", but this makes me happy and helps me take my home-keeping job seriously)
15. Keep a running checklist of things to do and things done. Look at it often and congratulate myself on how productive I am!
16. Keep the camera handy ... look for perfect moments and try to snap one photo each day.

So there it is. These things get sandwiched in between everything else that keeps my life hopping, and with any luck, fun! What are some of your "dailies"?

Come visit again soon. It's good to be home.


  1. Oh MAN! I've been grinning all the way through this. You were born to write, Mother. You make words into artwork.
    Love the background.
    Love the list of "dailies."
    The confession of the day for me is this: I do not have a list of dailies. Not written down anyway. I think this is my answer to finding peace in my day.
    Thank you!
    You're uplifting already.

  2. Now I have another great blog to follow and read (your daughter is another one!)! I love the list of dailies! I think I will try this and see what it brings!

  3. It seems I am officially follower #4. See, you have readers. I knew you would. :) I'm excited to see what comes next here (and if you've never read on any of my blogs, well, I'd love to have you there too...in case you needed something else to do! Erin Stout has become one of my more loyal readers and it's humbling every time she comments.)

    I got tired just reading your list of dailies though. I suppose you have more time for some of those things, since your children are older...babies do take up time in a different kind of way.

  4. Welcome and so happy that you finally made it! You will shine!!!

  5. Appreciate your comforting words...

  6. Good question... I'm not sure what my dailies are now, but I am sure what they used to be and what I'd like them to be again. Life gets busy, doesn't it?

    Thanks for sharing and welcome to the blog world! :)

  7. Beautiful. I look forward to reading your words. As I know you and Claire I am appreciative of the friendship. I have my own blog, not written as poetic as yours but it is my thoughts if you ever want to read too.

  8. Macy, I am so excited for this blog! I can't wait to read and learn from your wise words; these have already given me encouragement. I can definitely see where Claire gets her talent with words.

    I am now a faithful follower of your beautiful posts :)