Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Biggest Loser" Magic - Week 30

Here's me at 9:00 this morning: stretched out on the sofa, half-laying/half-sitting, pillow behind my back, blanket covering me, thick "Life is Good" socks on my feet, big, slouchy green cardigan on, glasses perched on my nose, and mug of hot chocolate in hand. Got the picture??

I had recorded the season opener of MY FAVORITE TV SHOW, "The Biggest Loser", and was perfectly settled in to fall in love with this season's new contestants. I was grinning like a fool as the show began, and downing the cocoa as the opening music rolled.

Now here's me 45 minutes later: no blanket, cardigan or socks. Hair back in a headband. Contact lenses slipped in during a commercial. Water bottle alongside me as I stretched on the floor. I was still grinning like a fool, but now I'm doing leg lifts and lifting small hand-weights and getting all inspired. Yep, within two program segments, I was in, hook, line, and sinker. The Magic of the Biggest Loser was working on me in record time.

I finally had to go and get a little box of Kleenex, too, because along with all the grinning, I was also crying like a baby. Unabashedly crying for these strangers who were, before my eyes, grabbing hold of their lives and makin' changes fast and furious-like. I was inspired beyond belief, and took to scribbling little nuggets of inspiration in my notebook between sniffles, leg lifts, and eyes trying to stay glued on the big-screen.

Do you watch this show?? Do you love it like I do?? Does it motivate you to get off your behind and start becoming the person you know you can be?? It sure does for me, and was JUST what I needed, as I am waffling in Week 30 of my Excellent Experiment with nothing impressive to report.

If I had to put my finger on THREE THINGS about Biggest Loser that I absolutely love, they would be:

1. It is riveting to watch (through the magic of television condensing and editing) real people change their lives in front of my eyes, in the 1 hour and 45 minutes it takes to watch the first episode. Every fiber in my chubby being is yelling, "If they can do it, then I CAN TOO!"

2. I love the emotional pieces that emerge as the first weeks progress for the BL contestants. A feeling of family begins to form, as everyone is working together toward challenging personal goals. As people beging to feel that they are not alone, they get more confident and start to become their best selves. As they get emotionally strong, their physical bodies start to change. I love the power that comes from watching the contestants build one another up in love and support.

3. There are little priceless gems that pop out during the show (that you might miss if you're not looking for them). For example, new trainer Darvel (I think this is his name) was working with one guy who just hadn't made the mind-switch yet. Darvel said: "Focus is all you need, and the weight will come off!" The guy soon bought in to the power within himself, and at the week's final weigh-in, the weight had come off, to the tune of something crazy like 20 pounds. (I have to remember: these results are NOT TYPICAL in real life!!)

Well, as soon as I clicked off the TV, I changed my plans for my noontime, threw on my running shoes and socks, leashed up my Sugar Doodle, and was out the door to run for the first time in weeks. It was MUGGY, I was soon drenched, but it felt TERRIFIC to be back at it. And I took a totally new three-mile loop through the country, llamas, goats, cows, dogs, mosquitos and all. Because darn it, my new motto is: "Life begins when you take your first step outside of your comfort zone!!" I've been trying this out the last couple of days, and I'n believing it!!

Thank you, Biggest Loser, for the cleansing 90-minute cry, the motivation I needed to get moving, and the awesome feeling that is mine now that I'm back from that run. Right here, right now, is where the rest of my life begins, and I'm excited!! And did you hear that I'm to be a Grandmommy come March/April??! Even more incentive to get my act completely together ... a sweet little baby to love, and to be an example of good health for!!

As I was running, this thought kept playing over and over in my mind, visual image and all:

"When you feel inspiration start to lift you, PICK UP YOUR FEET and fly with it! Then, behold the miracles!"

How often do we feel little promptings of inspiration, but are afraid or doubting or lazy, and root our feet on the comfortable ground?? As the closing music on BL exulted: "I'm on the edge of glory!!" (Thanks Gaga) We just need to trust inspiration, pick up our feet, and lean into it!

Another thought came to me as my feet were pounding the road: what if we started a private group on facebook for like-minded women who want to get fit and healthy and need some of that feeling of "family" or "team support"?? Whether you know me personally or not, we could meet every day on this group page and encourage one another by posting inspiring things and cheering one another on. What do you think??? Would this be something that could help you? I know it would be a boost for me! If that little prick of inspiration is saying "Ooohhh, I kinda like that idea..." I encourage you to message me on facebook (Macy Wright Sorensen), and let's get it started!!

Love to you all, and let's use this Back-to-School time to get Back-to-Health-and-Fitness!! We're "on the edge of glory"!!

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