Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For the Love of Addie

Here are eight things I'm loving about my five month-old granddaughter, Addie:

1. Her wide-open, gummy (except for two adorable bottom "toofers") smiles that come one right after the other.

2. Her bright eyes that are constantly taking in EVERYTHING around her. We laughingly and constantly say that she is "verrry advanced" and oh, so smart!

3. Her swoop of red hair that her mommy clips up girl-style with grosgrain ribbon clips.

4. Her soft little body in my kitchen sink, constantly in motion as I bathe her. She is learning to feel comfortable in her skin and seems fascinated and thrilled with the things she's learning to make it do.

5. Her intent focus on my eyes as she jibber-jabbers what I'm sure is very important stuff. Her changing facial expressions make us think she knows exactly what she's saying.

6. Her sweet little face, complete with respectable double chin, extra-long eyelashes, and red eyebrows ... perfect in every way.

7. The way she gets completely and utterly still when I hold her and whisper long secrets into her little ears.

8. Her chubby bare feet, always pushing, kicking, lifting to her hands, and sometimes even crossing at the ankles in ladylike fashion. (see photo above)


  1. I cannot believe she is already 5 months old. Thank you for posting this, as you have become THAT grandma, Claire has become the busy mama, to busy to blog or facebook much to my dismay

    1. Aimee, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, especially after such a long hiatus. I think Claire's life is settling a little now as evidenced by her resurgence of blog posts ... hallelujah! I love them, too.

  2. I was telling Chad that you wrote on your blog about Addie, and he asked me to tell him what you said about her. But I just couldn't. Anything I would have paraphrased would not have done this beautiful post justice. Thank you for capturing your granddaughter so exquisitely and with such imagery. I am so looking forward to future posts! So good to have you back in the blogging world. Now if I could just get a post together myself...

    1. Clairey, truth be told, I wrote this post for purely selfish reasons. The Addie-girl is changing so quickly and I wanted to always remember what I loved about her at age 5 months. Being a grandmother is the BEST!! You are a lovely mama, and she is a delightful baby. So glad you are posting again ... your writing makes me happy.