Friday, October 26, 2012

How To Be a Soccer Mom

Last night marked the final game for our daughter's high school JV soccer season. Their team was undefeated, despite being made up of girls of different ages who play for different club teams. Huge Kudos to each of the skilled players!!! A Major Nod to their able coach!!! And let's not forget THE PARENTS who are, at this age, the stability and the glue (and the funds, and the transportation...) that allow these young ladies to be successful! Great job to all!!!

Starting immediately, we go our separate ways as the U-15 club season gets underway. I will miss the mothers who now will be cheering on the opposite side of the 50-yard-line from me! All are devoted to their girls, all brought talents to the parents' bleachers ... which got me thinking, what makes a good "soccer mom"?? Last night, I looked around me as the time clock was winding down, and had these thoughts:

Mia's Mom comes with apples and sandwiches and Toblerone and blankets to share in the stands, as well as lots of hugs and compliments for girls and parents alike. Her daughter played on the Varsity team, yet she still attended nearly every JV game to support her daughter's club friends.

Kate's Mom really loves each of the players, and is the first one to volunteer to drive girls anywhere. Her enthusiastic "Good job ______!" flows freely throughout games, and she also hosts team dinners extraordinaire, complete with games and really, really awesome prizes.

Mariah's Mom is always smiling. She has three daughters who each play a variety of sports, and I will occasionally "pick her brain" for advice on "soccer mom-ing" or "basketball mom-ing" or "volleyball mom-ing". She puts her daughters' desires first and is able to work with coaches to ensure that her girls get the life experiences that they want. I really admire this gal and how she seems to effortlessly coordinate a busy family's schedule.

Kaitlyn's Mom uses her bounteous creative talents for the benefit of the team. We parents and players cherish our scarves and hats knit in team colors, and our girls' bedrooms display gorgeous soccer bracelets, teddy bears with knit hats/scarves, and other cool stuff that this mom lovingly creates for the cause.

Lauren's Mom is also the principal of our high school, and brings with her a gift of diplomatic and soothing problem-solving skills. When her daughter was at a crossroads in soccer last year, this mom / daughter had a life-changing conversation that allowed the player to catapult herself to the next skill-level and become one of the secret weapons of her team. This mom is always positive her comments relating to soccer, and is able to easily find the good in even sticky situations.

Kendall's Mom works full-time, has two daughters who play both school and club ball, and somehow manages to make it to nearly every game. Her laugh can be heard down the bleachers and she is just plain fun to be around.

Corina's Mom ... I have noticed that sometimes Corina will leave her group of soccer friends to sit by her mother during the Varsity games. They talk and laugh, sharing snacks and big blankets. This is really something sweet to see, as mother and 14 year-old daughter truly enjoy one another's company.

Casey's Mom willingly jumped in to keep us updated with regular team emails and weekly schedules. She included directions to away games, reminders that most of us would have forgotten, and headed up team dinners and the gift for our team's senior member. I looked forward to her enthusiastic ringing of the cow bell after each of our team's goals!

And me,Camille's Mom?? I asked my daughter last night what makes a good Soccer Mom. She told me to include "trips to Dairy Queen after hot summer practices", "coming to games", "washing (her) uniform", and "be(ing) a 'fly on the wall' while driving the carpool'!" Well, check, check, check, and (hopefully) check on those things. (Truth is, just LISTENING to the girls gab in the car on the way to practice is a GREAT way to find out what's going on in their lives!)

I love being a Soccer Mom! I guess the secret to being a "good one" has less to do with ringing bells and knitting scarves and treating for ice cream than it does with simply being there, being willing to give of your talents -- whatever they are -- to the soccer family, and sharing in the fun (and even defining) moments in a daughter's life. Go Team!!


  1. I can't wait to be a soccer mom for my own daughter. Good thing I have you to show me how! I love this post, especially when you broke down each mom's talents. How thoughtful!

    1. Janny still laughs about you at five years-old, dribbling down the soccer field, spotting Papa on the sidelines, and screeching to a halt mid-stride to give him a big, full-body wave! I can't wait to be a soccer-grammy for the Adster!! Yay for soccer moms!

  2. This is a really nice post Macy :) You always have great things to say!

    1. Katie! Thank you!! And congrats on your recent half-marathon ... what an amazing accomplishment!

  3. What a great post! You seem to always "seek the good" in the events, moments and experiences you're involved in. That should get another big check!!

  4. Alicia, I appreciate your sweet comment. As a major sports mom yourself, I'd be interested to know more of your perspective on the whole bleacher-sitting, sidelines-standing thing! I always read your blog when you post through Facebook. :)